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Oriental Masks

Oriental Masks
Photo by Jefferson Solayao, 2016

Monday, July 24, 2017

Good day, Cubao!

A surprise visit from my sister Sylvia and brother-in-law Rey this morning. They arrived last night from Dubai en route back to Sydney.

Unexpected goodies--the complete _Grimm_ DVD set (all six seasons!), a Judge Dee 1974 DVD, a bag of arabica coffee, a bag of Turkish dark coffee, and a box of dates from the Middle East, three Winsor & Newton watercolor packs from my nephew Raymond, and a special (gold edition) of _The Thai Occult: Sak Yant_.

The book is a special (gold) edition of _The Thai Occult: Sak Yant_ (alas, pulled off the market but thankfully not before my sister Sylvia was able to get me one!) and comes with a sacred drawing stamped with gold leaf on handmade paper. According to the publisher, the talisman is on "handmade Saa Paper of Northern Thailand, created from the pulp of the bark of the mulberry tree. This paper has been used for the grimoires that were copied with each generation. It is a rough textured paper that is notoriously difficult to use as mistakes cannot be corrected.

"These designs have been made by Ajarn Metta and blessed with a sheet of gold leaf. During the whole process of creating the image and the spell, the relevant kata was chanted and they have a presence to them. It is pot luck as to which design you receive, some are quite simple, some very complex and some in other languages than the usual Khom script."