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Oriental Masks

Oriental Masks
Photo by Jefferson Solayao, 2016

Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Wands must continue pointing to the ground.
During my funeral wake, I will listen to everything you say and read everything you think over my cremation urn, and I will give you my reply later in the night, when you are alone inside your bathroom. I find that it is easier to communicate to a living person who is naked, because clothing is too much a manifestation of defense mechanisms.
Back from the center. Withdrew money to pay for Aubrey's first semester at university, and bought some stuff for Angelique.
It is wonderful to be 66 and able to continue producing works! I feel that, at this age, no one can really pass judgment on one without projecting their own shortcomings, and it is the works one produces and leaves behind that are of utmost importance--works that one's critics cannot even produce for themselves.

Maybe, at 66, it is my time to be judgmental of others.
Two cups black, brewed, espresso blend coffee.
Saint Joseph the Worker's Day in Barangay Kaunlaran. An Ati-Atihan drum band passed by.
In literature and in art there is no such thing as passing the baton. You are as brilliant a writer and an artist as you can be, and you will remain so through the rest of your life--and even long, long after.
Good morning, Cubao!

The clouds are unmade camping beds.
Still rereading The Red Pavilion. Relationships between guests and courtesans are now being exposed. Three murders are being investigated. A blind music tutor, a former courtesan, makes an appearance.
Another hot, sweltering night in Cubao.
The April leaf falls off my planner.

Hedwig visited this afternoon. We had M.'s cafe's jalu-jalo delivered to the dining room.

Angelique and J. arrived from university. Angelique's team won the volleyball game.

Now dinner at home with Angelique, Aubrey, and J.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Lunch with Aubrey.

Angelique left early this morning to play in a volleyball game at university.
Good noon, Cubao!

The sun is a troop of archers with golden arrows.
The werewolf crossed the street to the burger stand.
Back from the center. Angelique and J. arrived from university before I did.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Never cover your head with a cap or any kind of cloth while reading, writing, painting, or knitting. The alpha waves from your brain release intense heat during this kind of activity, and, when hindered by head covering, will give you headaches and eye aches.

That is why Joya's drawings of women in bandannas doing embroidery never made sense to me.
It is easy to tell whether someone really loves you. All you have to do is clear your mind completely and then let images of them come in.
I think I'll have a late lunch alone at John's townhouse hawker's stand, then I have to go jalan-jalan and buy a light bulb, bath soap, and two red sodas for the KTs.
Gifts From A Former Co-Worker

These SHFiguarts drawing models (I can't call them ecorches because they do not show the skeletal and muscular systems) are really tiny (my regular ecorches are two feet tall) and are used mainly for comic-book illustration. They come in three colors ("wood" color for line drawing, gray for shadows, and black for silhouettes) but I opted for the wood because I have observed that gray plastic discolors over time.

Look--they fit inside two of my glass cloches. A bit creepy. Maybe that's how people look like in labs after aliens abduct them.

Home alone. Angelique at university for her last, final exam and Aubrey at a friend's birthday celebration.

This is Angelique's last, official day as a senior. After this there will be their Hollywood-motif prom, graduation rehearsals, and graduation!
Good morning, Cubao!

The sky is a basket of white rocks.
Only an artist with keen powers of observation might know this already, but my experience with ice cream is that there is "cold" ice cream and there is "hot" ice cream. Ube and chocolate, for example, are "cold", "cooling cold", to me, while mango and strawberry are "hot".

It is somewhat like detecting coolness or warmth in a painting.
The werewolf crossed the street to the burger stand.

They ran out of foot-long chili dogs (which I like but which the KTs don't), and so I had a double cheeseburger order instead (which the KTs like).

The KTs and I ate the burgers in the kitchen with hot, pickled mangoes (which my granddaughters don't like), an Indian relish from Assad.

Then had a bowl of ube-caramelized sugar ice cream.
Caught an episode of The Amazing Race on AXN. Set in Italy. Love those plaster pleurants!
The broadcaster's wardrobe is comprised of 1950s zoot suits, and he always looks like a caricature of that era.
Watched Exit replays on AXN two nights in a row.

Expensive productions.
After she passed away the causes she campaigned for unraveled, because they were not significant enough to begin with.
Like a Grimm, I can tell at a glance whether a person practices magic or not.
Wall-to-wall carpeting is a maintenance problem in the tropics, but area rugs and throw rugs are convenient and beautiful.
If the sea is salt, what is the sky?
Arrange some or all of the following, in the order you resort to, in your times of illness or crisis:

--You go to a doctor.
--You explore the Internet for solutions.
--You self-medicate.
--You consult someone with a similar illness or situation.
--You keep everything to yourself and pretend that you are well.
--You deny the illness, hoping it will go away.
--You go to an alternative healer.
--You convert the pain to a creative work.
--You travel as a form of literal escape.
--You get drunk.
--You increase your life-force activities.
--You pray.
No single work of art is truly ugly, because ugliness, like The Devil, is in the eye of the beholder.
The worst artist of all is not the artist who produces nothing but the artist who repeats himself in every painting.
I do not like to, and so I will never, meet new people who want to be my friends because their conversation always ends up like an interview or consultation.
On some of the planets, especially the planet of the Grays, there is only one gender.
I live my life the way I believe I should, not the way others believe I should.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

I am very happy that Christians DO learn major lessons from Muslims. One of them is blurring the genitals and private parts on paintings and photographs on the TV screen. Exposure of skin is called 'awrat. They now do this even on Renaissance paintings.
Preparing a syllabus for a new, week-long workshop on creative writing. Changing a lot of things for an audience that might be comprised of old-fashioned employees, devout Muslims, and born-again Christians.

Am especially conscious that the workshop will be held during the fasting period.
Tony Perez's Art of War: They try to teach you to forgive because they are terrified of your vengeance.
He who lives and works in silence suddenly emerges as triumphant and as dazzling as the sun.
Has anyone else ever noticed that when a broadcaster makes small talk because he has no substantial news to report, it is an extravagant waste of air time?
The dying can bequeath their possessions to the living.

How I wish that they could also bequeath their intelligence, wisdom, and talents by some kind of astral siphoning from one brain to the other.
Good morning, Cubao!

The clouds are bamboo lantern frames pasted over with rice paper.
The mountain dwarves are playing ninepins over the Cubao Catskills.
Today John asked me why I've been painting. My answer was the truth, but it disappointed him: I've been painting because I finally want to get rid of the voluminous stock of canvases in the studio lounge. Once I get that done, I can buy a mah jongg table and locate it there.
The world would be a happier place if everyone took it as his duty to make life better for at least ten other people.
The Oracle of Kung Ming/Chuoko Liong is to be consulted at the beginning of each year and in the middle of the year.
Still rereading The Red Pavilion. Judge Dee's lieutenant meets two farmers who speculate about the possible murder of the young scholar and poet, then picks up Judge Dee after the banquet at the Crane Bower.

The Queen Flower of Paradise Island is found murdered inside the Red Pavilion.
Werewolves will always prefer walking to riding.
First come to terms with yourself. Only then can you begin to come to terms with others.
Live in every moment. It improves your memory and recollection of everything.
Where there are gaps, one must build bridges.
Never laugh at another's language or speech, for it is how well one lives, not how well one speaks, that makes one a success.
Red flags go up when a supervisor envies a subordinate, but not when vice-versa.
You cannot teach an unwilling person a lesson.
Hot air breathes, and inhales tornadoes.
Love and money do not grow on trees.
Less crimes would be committed if all trash bags were translucent rather than an opaque black.
Staircases retain memories of footsteps going up and going down.
A single knock is likely to be missed, two a probable cancellation of communication, and that is why we knock three times.
John visited. Served him mango-dark chocolate ice cream.
Bought six more big, plastic tubs for our garden soil.

I feel like I am buying out the store.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The bird that builds its nest quietly in the snow is the very same bird that sings loudest in the summer.
One of my prohibitions is repeating what I've already said. Some people think that it is fun to have me repeat what I've just said and even force me to do so, not knowing that, when I do do so, it causes bad luck not to me but to THE PERSON I AM TALKING TO.
Your Messenger message:

"Hello sir Tony, "Do you ever mentor people on how to read Tarot cards? By chance, I was gifted with a set, at a time when I was actively seeking to learn. After I got the Tarot cards, I also bought some books about it which, incidentally, kept popping up whenever I went to bookstores. But I feel I need to be guided in my readings. I was wondering if I could join any of your workshops, if you conduct it. Salamat sir."

My reply:

I used to conduct an entire, no-nonsense workshop series equivalent to one semester on this. If you can get together three companions who are also interested, I could do a one-day session with you.
Two cups black, espresso blend coffee.
Good morning, Cubao!

The sun is a brightly-colored parade float.
One of the most important things I learned from Taoist temple priests is that being psychic is an outcome of being spiritual, not of having chemical imbalances in one's body.
Here are some atypical but effective ways to wear a talisman without anyone even knowing that you have one on:

--Hanging at your upper back instead of at your chest (defensive).
--Tied to your belt and inserted into your crotch area (aggressive).
--Tied to your belt and inserted into your lower back area (defensive).
--Tied to the left side of your belt and inserted into your pelvis area (defensive).
--Tied to the right side of your belt and inserted into your pelvis area (aggressive).
--In your left shoe (defensive).
--In your right shoe (aggressive).

Poking is sexy because I can feel it in specific parts of my body.

And so can the person I am poking in return.
It is the person who inures himself to noise who sleeps the soundest, pun intended.
In the last analysis war and politics are pointless, because we are all fragments of One and will all reunite at the end of all journeys.
It is best to save money not only for a rainy day but also for every hot, summer's day.
When men are defeated by physical strength, they rest and recover.

When they are defeated by lack of money, they despair and go into depression.
The best and the most practical cutlery to use in this era is made of stainless steel.
He was totally cheeky when he was still alive--and totally a success.
Bought three more boxes of ice cream at the Sitio Catacutan Magnolia depot yesterday: mangoes and cream, mango and dark chocolate, and ube-caramelized sugar.
The big rat may shake off the sticky flypaper, but his fur will be matted the rest of his life.
Bow only to gods and goddesses, and not to human beings.
Know and accept that life is full of disruptions, for no one can ever be a proprietor of time.
I consumed the last of our coffee this morning, and I was climbing walls until I was able to replenish our stock this afternoon.
If you may already be living in heaven, then you may already be living in hell.
One of my co-alumni placed me in the closed group _Living Theologies_, managed by a former professor at Maryhill School of Theology. I warned them that I may not be the graduate they used to know, but our professor replied that he remembers me VERY well.
Tony Perez's Art of War: Since your enemies  will always believe that you are wrong, always have available the many reasons why you are right.
Angelique back from university, Aubrey off to gym.
Back from the center. Paid our wi-fi bill, bought two small sacks of espresso blend coffee, and bought six more big, plastic tubs for the storage of our garden soil.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

When a person accepts your Friend Request, he really is not accepting your friendship. He is GIVING you HIS.
Good morning, Cubao!

The clouds are drinking water dispensers in the sky.
Still rereading The Red Pavilion. Judge Dee meets Paradise Island's officials at a lavish banquet. The dining hall is cooled with blocks of ice in huge brass bowls.

In the meantime Judge Dee's lieutenant mingles with the hoi-poloi in the busy streets, hunting for clues to the apparent suicide of a young poet and scholar.
The morning was spent with one of my antique dealers, the afternoon with Lara.

Hoping that I have tomorrow all to myself. Benjie begins another series of cleaning days, though.

Jalan-Jalan With Lara At Assad

Jalan-Jalan With Lara At Assad.

Haven't been to Assad in ages. What used to be a tiny market stall is now a modern, air-conditioned grocery. Bought a box of the usual Seven African Powers joss sticks, a joss stick holder, a bottle of castor oil for hair, a pack of henna (wait for my purple moustache), a bottle of pickled mangoes, a pack of naan flatbread, four paratha cakes with ghee (clarified butter), and a dozen samosas with sauce.

And of course it was wonderful to be with Lara again!

Blessed By The Art of Writing

One of my gold pens now has two siblings: a silver one and a copper one.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Your Messenger message:

"sir magandang hapon po. may kasamahan po akong nais magpa interpret po ng panaginip. ito po ang kanyang panaginip.


"maraming salamat po."

My reply:

Hello ______!

This dream is about disrespect. The dreamer has yet to learn to be respectful to others because, in the past, he has always been disrespectful and has gotten away with it, usually rationalizing it with his equally disrespectful sense of humor.

Even his opening sentence is disrespectful. One cannot demand that God give one a dream. At the most, he could demand it of his higher self or higher consciousness, though it would still be disrespectful.

The dog in this dream is a symbol of the dreamer's primitive self.

My reply:
Hello ______!
This dream is about disrespect
Lunch at home with the granddaughters.

Angelique is taking Kichiro Mayuzumi to the pet parlor to be shorn.

Waiting for someone to pick me up to go jalan-jalan.
The sun glimmers through walls of rain clouds.
Good morning, Cubao!

Felt like I could have slept an hour more.
Drinking party with music ongoing at M.'s cafe.
The werewolf crossed the street to the burger stand.

It has come to the point that I place an exact amount of money on the counter, the cook looks at it, and then prepares my order without a word passing between us.
Watched the final episodes of Team Ninja Warrior. I was prepared for a non-psychic viewing, then noted that one of the participants was emotionally confused. Reading him more closely, I saw that a co-participant expressed "interest" in him, and he was fighting off the feeling of mutuality. I also saw that this was the second proposition he received from a co-participant, but that he didn't like the first one.
Hunger brings out the worst even in the most educated person.
Some people retire and immediately search for other jobs that can take them. I believe that it is, more than the need for money, the need to feel important.

I am not one of those people. The luxury of not doing any work makes me feel like a king. I can be whatever I want, do whatever I want, and see or not see other people as I please.
Never decorate your home with anything you bought at a discount store or in a mall.
All home and ready for dinner.
Still rereading The Red Pavilion. Judge Dee discovers that a leper has been crouching beneath the wisteria vines and spying on him.
Angelique arrived from university. Aubrey off to gym; I asked her to pay our water bill instead of my having to go jalan-jalan in order to do so.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Still rereading The Red Pavilion. The Queen Flower of Paradise Island meets Judge Dee while he is having his tea on the veranda of his suite.
Your Messenger message:

"Hi, Sir. Someone has been stealing from me fairly regularly. My gut instincts tell me it's someone nearby. A well meaning friend taught me to write this spell on 2 pieces of paper and paste one at the back of the door and the other under the door. Question: I'm want to know that the spell means before I do it. Would you be able to translate this for me?
_____+___________ ______+_____________________ _____+__________________ ______________________ ______________________________ +++

My reply:

Translation follows:

"Whoever is guilty/
By Isaac [(or In the name of Isaac) sic, should be Esau]/
Who was the savior of Jacob and carried their house/
The guilty will be (punished with) short steel (i.e., a dagger)/
And metal chains will be their shackles/"

By Isaac [sic, should be Esau], who saved Jacob and carried the house, The guilty will be (punished with) short steel (i.e., a dagger), and metal chains will be his shackles.
When the heart sings, the mind dances.
The heart has a more powerful memory than the mind.
The artist who loses his lifestyle also loses his art.
Fate often makes it so that the person you abhorred and shunned in the past is the very person whom you now need, yet who has the right to abhor and shun you in return.
One of my antique dealers just arrived from Malaysia. He is threatening to bring me a lot of silver and two, big items that I've always wanted. This is not the same antique dealer who is bringing me a tall item.

When it rains, it pours.

When it shines, it blazes.
He who becomes rare has the right to be expensive.
Good morning, Cubao!

The sun is a stainless steel kite with tin-can tails.
The werewolf crossed the street to the burger stand.

M.'s cafe is still open at this time.
Watched two successive episodes of May The Best House Win on etc, one on Halloween houses, the other on Christmas houses. Both were too extreme for me. I couldn't imagine my children, my grandchildren, and myself living in any of those houses. The most I have for Halloween are three Barbie-size witches on broomsticks that my youngest sister sent me from Sydney years ago and a lighted parking sign for witches that I bought, also years ago. As for Christmas, we hang huge, fancy stockings on the divider between the dining room and the studio den; I bought them at Rustan's when Chito was only 16. Both episodes reminded me that I should never spend any more money on holiday decor--because most of them are really gaudy and because I do not want to increase my storage problems.
Never make your employees proactively vie for your favor. They will continue to resent you long after you have gone.
Tony Perez's Art of War: When someone has been ruthless with you, wait one year and then be twice as ruthless with him, allowing his bad karma to earn interest.
A hot night in Cubao. As hot as the night in The Shooting Star (The Adventures of TinTin).

I feel as though the earth is in high fever.
Started rereading _The Red Pavilion_. It is the Festival of Hungry Ghosts, and all inns are fully booked. Before moving on to their district after official travel, Judge Dee and one of his lieutenants are compelled to stay overnight on Paradise Island, a small resort of gambling dens and houses of assignation. Judge Dee is staying in the only unoccupied suite, the Red Pavilion, where a murder occurred some time ago...
If it is at all possible for you, set aside some time to watch the day break and the dusk fall. You will feel better and more stable for experiencing the transitions between night and day. Sometimes there is nothing more disconcerting than looking at your window and seeing that it is suddenly light or suddenly dark.
From the age of 50 onward, buy only things that your children and grandchildren will want to have after you pass away.
There are extraterrestrials with four pairs of arms and hands, that is why some Hindu gods and goddesses are depicted as such.
Walking in balance means not only keeping the right to your right and the left to your left. It also means ascending while you descend and descending while you ascend.
After reality is recorded it may still or no longer be reality.
She has become too inebriated with her albeit modest successes.
One of my antique dealers is bringing a tall thing, taller than I, to my house at the end of the month. I hope I like it.
Took _The Red Pavilion_, a Judge Dee mystery, from our Chinese book case to reread later in bed.
Third layer of varnish on Tay Tong's portrait.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

The cross-section of an onion is the cross-section of sound waves.
Nothing lasts forever because it is exactly what you paid for.
Striations on our fingernails are like striations on seashells, reminding us that we are children of the sea.
The mathematician and the pianist are more capable of writing poetry than you are.
Democracy asks you not only who can take care of you, but also who can take care of the person who can take care of you.
The richer he tries to be, the more miserable and hot-headed he becomes.
Like that of my rosewood fountain pen, the casing of this fountain pen is made of carved wood, but with a natural finish.

Finished reading _The Athenian Murders_ last night. Cleverly written, it is about how a translator merges with an ancient text and ultimately becomes one of its characters--or is it the other way around?

The subliminal message is that the primitive, Dionysian rites in which one of the congregation gets devoured is an archetype of modern, urban pornography.
Lazy Sunday, but the sun is still as hot as a horse's bone in the Ilocos sand dunes, and so I might do the last layer of varnish on Tay Tong's portrait today.
Old, no longer used, and unappreciated clothes, like sad memories, should always be disposed of. They free up your closets for the storage of better possessions.
Good morning, Cubao!

Now the clouds form silver dragons in the sky.
Everything on TV tonight is a replay, but I watched Team Ninja Warrior and Ancient Aliens anyway.
Angelique, Aubrey, J., and Kian are back from the coliseum and from dinner out.
Watched Nightmare Nurse. The usual DIVA melodrama. This one has a twist near the end, but the message is, like the message in all the other melodramas, that the world is full of handsome and beautiful psychos.

And maybe it is.
Varnished the Sphinx (Portrait of Sarah C. Peck) painting. The weather has been most cooperative, if not too hot. Was able to do one layer of varnish on Portrait of Tay Tong.
The best thing that ever happened to me was my retirement. I became able to focus more on my writing, my painting, and on magic, and I became a lot more prolific in all three fields. As an additional bonus, I retired not only from work but also from atchays. I now converse and am only with people whom I like, and I have no intentions of meeting new people or satisfying others' curiosity about me.

Friday, April 21, 2017

I never take people I do not like into my confidence and into my house.
The setting sun is as constant as the rising sun.
It is the sun that mixes the cerulean blue and the titanium white that colors the sky.
I don't take on walk-ins. To me, they are pathetic flounderers.

I trust ONLY people I have known for the past ten years.
Deliberate whether a kitchenette might not serve you better than a full kitchen would.

Know that the "housewife's" dream of having "a big kitchen" is a phenomenon of the 1950s, when the world was picking itself up from the war and when the subconscious idea of being able to "feed an army" was everyone's idea of contentment.
Kian has arrived and is having a late lunch with Aubrey in the dining room. As for myself, I earlier sauntered to the Ilonggo hawker's stand and had jackfruit in coconut milk and a cup of white rice.
Like carriages on a train, the events of the day roll by.
Extraterrestrials will always outdo and outlive you.
Angelique at university, Aubrey preparing for the arrival of her friend Kian.

Alone at home later. Angelique, Aubrey, J., and Kian are watching a volleyball game at the coliseum.
Good noon, Cubao!

The clouds are plates of sweet rice cakes.
You are unable to sleep because you always forget to ask the night itself to lull you to sleep.
After you are done fighting your battle, relax and finally focus on improving your life.
Never encourage sibling rivalry among your children.

Never encourage co-student rivalry among your students.

What you may believe to be healthy competition is really the dredging of birth trauma and separation anxiety.
No matter what the time of night, I need to take a hot shower before going to bed. Otherwise I feel like the day swaddled me in heavy shawls of tired sunshine that I can't shake off, and that prevents me from going to sleep.
Dinner at home with Angelique, Aubrey, and J. Then we ordered four glasses of jalu-jalo overload at M.'s cafe, which one of the waiters served us through the secret passage between the cafe kitchen and the studio foyer.

When I schedule those tea parties with the new Spirit Questors and the members of The Wands, I think I will pay M. to have one of his waiters serve us. That way I won't have to be attending to the guests the entire time.
Angelique and J. arrived from university.

We are all at home.
Distant thunder southeast of Cubao.
Wearing Elizabeth Taylor's Passion for Men.
JR visited. We had soda at the cafe and then went to the house. He brought me something that we both like, and which we partook of. Talked of old times, but we are both happier and in better places in life now.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Anything you misspell, coin, or misuse immediately is not translated by Google Translate. It is thus the cause of communication infidelity.
There is no such thing as a willing victim. If a "victim" is willing, he is the perpetrator.
Good morning, Cubao!

The sun is a pavilion of golden bricks.
Watched Milwaukeee Blacksmith. Half of the crew was working on a metal dinosaur, the other half on scrolled balconies.

I was more interested in the balconies.
The champion became more and more undesirable as his hair receded and as he aged.
You saw only one. I said there would be more than one.
Nature does not punish human wrongdoers because their fellow humans do that already.
You cannot make the general public behave correctly by scaring them into doing so.
She sided with the wrong people, that is why misfortune befell her, and why she did not see it coming.
Anything open to the public will undergo great wear and tear.
Unless you undergo major life changes, your sense of fashion at the age of 50 will most likely be your sense of fashion the rest of your life.
There is mature literature, and there is immature literature.

There is mature art, and there is immature art.

Never encourage the latter in both, for their creators neither learn from masters nor base their works on strong, philosophical foundations.
After thousands of years, no one has still drawn a centaur right.
Everything created has a spirit, and has a counterpart on the astral plane.
Your life halts when you lose interest in being well-dressed.
Someone on the compound is making a crude checkerboard with a marker on old plywood, It looks quite quaint. It actually looks like a relic of ancient civilization.
Life is a predictable cycle.
I never give in to group pressure. I never did so ever since I was a child. It was always a pleasure to watch the facial expressions of people frustrated by my obstinacy. In a sense it was one of my ways of telling others that no one can tell me what to do. Indeed, to this very day, I say no, more than I say yes.

I learned, much later that the person who does not give in to group pressure is an individualist, and that, ironically, individualists become the unique models that groups pattern their values, thinking, and behavior after.
It is easy to change your mind but not as easy to change the consequences of changing your mind.
The plainest looking Wand can be the most potent. Since it has often absorbed rejection, it will manifest very strong projection.
Work not only to pay your bills and eat three meals a day. Work to buy everything that you like as well.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Still reading The Athenian Murders. Two more murders have occurred: that of another boy and that of his pedagogue. The bodies are found side by side.

In the meantime the story in the footnotes has already merged with the story in the main text.
A person commits suicide when he can no longer think of a single person who truly loves him and who is willing to pick him up and give him a hug.
Red flags go up in my mind whenever completely strange young men come up to me and ask to be my students.
All the negative things you experienced were part of your journey. The story of your life would not have been complete without them.
Now that Tay Tong's portrait is done, I'm thinking of doing nothing today, if I can help it. The next painting is constantly nagging me, though. It longs to be created.
Good morning, Cubao!

The sky is a folding couch on the edge of the sea.
When it happens again three bridges will go down.
You see when you want to see.
So late in the night, I threw out three boxes of books, mostly the grandchildren's storybooks and schoolbooks.

Now I'm having mixed nuts...and a very tall RC and vodka.

Watching The Curse of Oak Island.
A brief cloudburst in Cubao. Cerefina is afraid of thunder. I can tell when it's really hot because Cerefina sleeps and stays the whole day in the rear passage, where we still have garden soil in sacks. The stored earth keeps the rear passage cool.
Angelique had classes at university today. Aubrey went to university and submitted requirements for her first semester in B.S. Psychology.

They came home together, and we had dinner.
Unbearable heat in Cubao.
Still reading The Athenian Murders. Heracles Pontor and Diagoras visited the Academy where the murdered boys were students, and are now having dinner with Plato.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017
I need to varnish _Sphinx (Portrait of Sarah C. Peck)_ and then rest before commencing a new painting.
Sixth glaze

New cutlery completes the month of April for me.

The set on the right has a gold, grapevine pattern that I love because it reminds me so much of Dionysos/Bacchus.

Still reading The Athenian Murders. Heracles Pontor and Diagoras visit the studio of the sculptor and playwright Menaechmus. As it turns out, the murdered boys Tramachus and Euneos and the still living Antisus secretly performed in the choruses of his plays, posed as models for his statues of gods and goddesses, and vied for his favor.

Am not including the secondary plot developing in the footnotes, of course.
To the new Spirit Questors and the members of The Wands: I am scheduling two separate tea parties despite the fact that my studio is still a mess due to my current painting projects. I will group-message you or post messages in the secret groups.

Please do NOT tag along non-members and persons I do not know.

Also be forewarned that I will be in Spandex shorts.
It is useless to deprive cats of their territories by reclaiming them. They will simply stalk off and find other territories for themselves.

So it is when you try to do the same to your employees.
Whenever you heal people, do not be so rude and so crude as to convert them to your religion.
Good morning, Cubao!

The sun flexes a thousand golden wings.
Watched a fascinating episode of Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders set in Tijuana.  It involved a cult of Santa Muerte, but I felt that the script was based on many misconceptions. That father-son scene at the very end was also a sad one.
A peaceful Tuesday night, but the week isn't half over yet.
M.'s regular waiters are back from their Easter holiday. I must say, the substitute waiters did a good job while they were gone.
Dinner at home with Angelique, who goes back to university tomorrow.

Aubrey went to our family dentist's to have her braces tightened, then had a session at the gym. She had a late dinner upon her arrival.
Watched a TV feature on the ten most extreme bridges in the world.
Watched another live video by one of my Russian Friends.

I love the interiors of middle-class, Russian houses. There is a certain look to them. Most of the walls are usually papered, and there are obligatory bric-a-brac wall shelves. The residents have a certain way of hanging paintings. I pay special attention to types of fabric, furniture, and drapery.

Which is why I almost never go live on video. I am so finicky that I have to create an entire set for it, which is really just too tedious.
Received an invitation to the two-day fiesta of Barangay Kaunlaran April 30 - May 1. Am reminded of some of the characters in my novel Cubao Ilalim. Thinking of going and perhaps adding details to the second volume of Cubao Ilalim.

The activities include basketball games, parlor games, native family games, a Mass, a feeding, a videoke challenge, a zumbarobics challenge, an Ati-Atihan exhibition, an ukay-ukay, a live band and jamming, a group dance contest, and a "Like Mother, Like Child" contest.

So NOT me, but must remind myself that, many years ago when I was young and already crazy, I signed up to be a waiter at Via Mare just to write my novel Bata, Sinaksak, Sinilid Sa Baul.
A layer is an opaque application of paint.

A glaze is a transparent application of paint.
Fifth glaze.