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Oriental Masks

Oriental Masks
Photo by Jefferson Solayao, 2016

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Goodbye for now, Cubao!

Hello once more, Singapore!

Off-line for nine days.
Back from jalan-jalan at the center.

An hour with the ref repair man. He said that if the freon doesn't keep within the next two months I am better off buying a new ref.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Lunch at home with the granddaughters.

Glowering skies above Cubao.

Aubrey going to gym later, and I jalan-jalan.

Everything happens exactly when it is supposed to happen.
Good morning, Cubao!

The sun pours molten brass on galvanized iron rooftops.
An additional effect of lighting joss sticks is the banishment of unpleasant memories.
Tony Perez's Art of War: Only when people have to take you seriously will they feel constrained to attack you.
Drizzly day in Cubao. Angelique attended graduation rehearsal and will be having dinner with her block mates.

At home with Aubrey.
Music is a defense mechanism when you use it to distract your mind from certain thoughts, especially sexual thoughts. As a matter of fact, when many persons are being seduced or engage in sex, songs play themselves in their minds without their deliberately making them do so. The music floods their minds as subconscious denial of what they are doing.
Caught a ridiculous makeover of young people on TV:

--One insisted on doing her own hair and ended up looking like a mall flower vendor.

--Another refused to have her hair cut, thinking she looks most beautiful that way without realizing that she actually looks like the cartoon Aurora in the 1960s, Walt Disney Sleeping Beauty.

--Yet another looked like a CGI model for The Adventures of TinTin.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

A bachelor will most likely invite an odd number to his party.
Good morning, Cubao!

The sun is a garage emergency light.
An overweight broadcaster falls gravely ill.
Wine, extra virgin olive oil, extra virgin coconut oil, and natural honey are good base materials for potions because they keep well.
It is where a person is, not where he came from, that matters the most.
People with short tempers usually have tortured minds.
Bury three more shiny coins in your bowl of earth.
One of the three desired him enough to help finance his project, but he was particularly revolted because he was desired.
Life is a battle only if you make it so. The last quarter of your life should no longer be spent fighting but resting and enjoying everything you amassed early on.
The more he received praises and compliments, the more he became lax with himself and took things for granted.
People have been using the term "spot on" for years and years. Now people are also using the term "bang on". What is the origin of "bang on"? Is it connected in some way with explosions caused by terrorists?
A word of encouragement, whether sincerely meant or not, goes a long, long way.
Cooking is an art that will never die, because everyone eats and likes eating.
A beautiful figurine should also cast a beautiful shadow.
In times of crisis, you function well if you can function alone.
Living in high places does not improve your status.
Teach the disabled to master technology, for they will be best at it.
A mage is never impressed by students who audition for acceptance.
Having children will irreversibly change your life and your priorities.
Most people who are reliant on medication fear the onset of night.
A mage never diminishes in power and in technique, for both of those are cumulative from his eighth birthday.
Not only the players, but the spectators also, must be good sports.
When you are finally turning in for the night, close your eyes and travel, in your mind, through all of the rooms in the house.
You sleep well only when your children are fed and resting peacefully in their beds.
Like pure gold, your brilliant works never tarnish, no matter how hard others try to devalue them.
We are all given obstacles of the same difficulty and intensity, but it just never looks that way to everyone.
War is always waged between men and not between gods, but it is the gods who decide who win and who lose.
A constellation that is already shining in the firmament can no longer be torn down by anyone.
Do not think visually all of the time. Think verbally as well.
The halos and the rays of light will always come not from within your head but from the starship that is above you.
Do not dream of setting up a First-World restaurant for a Third-World clientele. Your intentions may be noble, but you will eventually lose your money and plunge into bankruptcy.

Know especially that, to complicate matters, you may be a First-World person but your staff will be Third-World unless you offer them First-World salaries, and that, even if you send them off to training, they will soon leave you to cross over to greener pastures, usually abroad.

That is why I have always advised M. to keep his cafe a "local local".
A missed opportunity never offers itself again.
Honor only what should be honored, not what others tell you to blindly honor.
Public relations are an indication that someone wants to take something away from you.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Tuesdays-Thursdays in my study. Tea and black coffee. Conducting intensive research with the new Spirit Questors for a client who needs the appropriate magical symbols, rituals, and spells for treasure hunting.

In the Philippines, hunters believe that buried treasure is guarded by elementals. Once the hunters get close to the treasure, the elementals wreak havoc and cause the hunters to fight (and in many cases kill) one another.

In the Cordilleras, there is an albularya who is consulted specifically for treasure hunts. She has a covered basket in each corner of her room. She takes a dish filled with herbs and offerings to each basket. If all four baskets manifest a glow (like a candle glow) from within, the consultants have the go signal to proceed with their treasure hunt.
A quiet, demure man is usually the target of dominating women who want him both as a husband and as a trophy.
Every man should know how to shield himself even from the most unlikely predators.
When you invite an atchay to lunch, you will of course pay for his lunch.

When you invite an atchay to a light, mid-afternoon snack, he will scan the menu and then say, "I haven't had lunch," as though he'd been working the whole morning through noon. He will then order not a snack but lunch.

Either way you pay for his lunch.
Because they sent trash, their bodies became trash.
Personality has flavors.
Every young artist believes that the world is there for him to take.

Every mature artist knows that the world is there for others, and that his duty in that world is merely to truthfully describe it.
Tony Perez's Art of War: Your critics live in the ignorance of believing that you would rather be someone other than yourself, and in the ignorance of never believing that you would rather be yourself, inclusive of all your imperfections, at any time.
The sky wept briefly, and showered ill will among the men who would not understand why they, too, should have been in grief.
My uncle, Fr. Francisco M. Perez, SJ, passed away today. He was one of the gentlest men I have ever known.

The wake will be at Ateneo de Manila University.
Watching UFO Hunters on History.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Lunch with the granddaughters and three of Angelique's classmates who slept over.
Survived everything so far. Next in line are Angelique's graduation practice, graduation, and our family dinner out, then Aubrey's first day in college. Will need to buy Aubrey school supplies but, at least, will no longer be buying Hello Kitty, Walt Disney, and Barbie bags.
Gallery Frames picks up three more of my paintings for shipping to Paris.

Two cups black, Gourmet Farms coffee.
Good morning, Cubao!

The sun is a tube of golden Pick-up Stix.
The werewolf crossed the street to the burger stand.

Werewolves crave protein more than other creatures do.
Back from jalan-jalan at the center. Bought two plastic sheets, a sack of coffee, KitKat and Snickers bars for the granddaughters, and a pack of Chinese joss sticks, the long, fancy ones with flecks of gold glitter.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Whenever you buy a book, read it. Don't sit back with the satisfaction of merely owning it.
An artist is great because of his production of great works, no matter how few and far between they are.

An artist is not great because he is always in the headlines.
Good morning, Cubao!

The sun is sending computer messages to other planets.
Everything in this world is there for you to seriously contemplate.
There are situations and locations which, once you step out of them, you can no longer get back in, no matter what.
Observe the magical effects of your different leather folders, portfolios, or bags. You will always have one that advances your projects. You will have another that puts everything you place in it to a standstill, and that is the more important folder. Place in it documents and photos of people and things that you want to remain constant and unchanging. That is your preserving folder.
When starting out a joss stick bowl that does not have enough incense dust, simply insert the joss sticks in the holes of an empty salt or pepper shaker or an empty toothpick shaker.
Tony Perez's Art of War: A person who envies you will invest most of his time trying to put you down rather than improving himself.

Ignore him and continue your progress. You don't have to do anything in counteraction, because he is already doing that to himself.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Aubrey, J., and I approved Angelique's choice of ball gown. Now, because of the gown's line, we have to buy not only a special bra for the gown but a bustle as well.
Tony Perez's Art of War: In order to feel self-fulfilled, do things only for people who want you, never for people who do not want you or who are indifferent to you. The latter is always a waste of time and energy.
Good morning, Cubao!

The sun is a brooch of yellow topaz.
When a storm comes:

1) Be safe.
2) Stock up on food and other provisions, including power alternatives.
3) Be ready to do repairs.
4) Enjoy it. It is a complete season itself, no matter how long or how short it lasts.
The werewolf crossed the street to the burger stand. Had a foot-long, spicy dog in a bun and ate that in the kitchen with a dollop of spicy, pickled mango from Assad. Washed everything down with Pepsi.

The pickled mango is hot and as salty as brine. I know of no other Filipino who loves it.
Dinner at home with the granddaughters. Then I bought six ice cream cones at T.'s.
Angelique back from having her nails done in preparation for the graduation ball. She fitted her gown this afternoon but it needs to be altered because she lost some weight.
I believe that you cannot improve and develop your talents to the fullest without improving and developing your physical appearance.
The oldest form of jewelry was the necklace. It was a result of humans draping or hanging things round their necks and shoulders to free up their hands.

The last type of jewelry to emerge was the ring. It was a result of economic superiority and discrimination. Rings were worn by those who wanted others to know that they do not do manual labor.

Yes, it's all about hands.

How many world leaders wear rings?
Never buy time at the expense of other people.
When following a theme for your decor, avoid investing in trash.

Before buying something, ask yourself again and again if it will not be old, ragged, unwanted, and unattractive in the next six months.
Your most creative thoughts occur in mid-afternoon.
A young person's infatuation with an adult is always temporary.
As long as you prepare for something well in advance, you will have nothing to be sorry about.
Master the technique of seeing without having to look.
Do not seek teamwork all the time. It demands hypocrisy.
I have seen, sadly and too often, racial discrimination practiced by judges in competitions.
A real villain needs no cronies. He will have them only as sounding boards.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Good noon, Cubao!

The sky is a tureen of bisque soup.
The werewolf crossed the street to the burger stand.

Another hot, starry night.
Stock up, but use everything you have.
Consider that frequently watching and reading love stories actually prevents your own love story from taking its natural course.
If you happen to be in love with someone, tell him/her. If the feeling is mutual, you will have no more sleepless nights. If the feeling is not mutual, you will have no more sleepless nights also, because disappointment has a way of grounding you and making you more realistic.
Repaint, rearrange, or redo a room in order to get rid of its unpleasant memories.
Do not wet your feet in any way before going to bed. You will be unable to sleep.

Friday, May 19, 2017

I am currently in love with Grimm. I am more than satisfied with the scripts, the direction, and the acting. All of the performers are beautiful--you won't find a set of gorgeous faces like that in any other TV series even if you searched high and low. I particularly adore the production design and the set decoration--the trailer and its props, the spice shop and its props, the houses and their props.

More than anything else I love the lighting, especially the lamps. There must be a minimum of five lamps in every room in every location--on tables, on the floor, you name it. All kinds of lamps from the 1950s to the present time. And I cringe whenever they get smashed during fight scenes. The entire series already must have smashed 500 lamps.
The worst motive for seeking a lover is that other people have lovers of their own. Once you have a lover, you will end up blatantly announcing to the world that you have one, only for everything to fizzle out when all of your illusions have faded, and, in the last analysis, everything will have been grossly unfair to the lover who once was.
Lunch at home with the granddaughters.

A Saturday flurry. Asked Angelique to replace the optical mouse on my desktop, Aubrey had one of her flower arrangements delivered to a client via Grab motorcycle, and Angelique has to buy a sack of food pellets for Kichiro Mayuzumi.
I saw that you were unable to sleep last night.

Next time, try this:

Buy a soft bristle brush. Whenever you are unable to sleep, sit on the edge of your bed and then brush your hair slowly, carefully, and tenderly. Enjoy the sensation.

Do the same to your hands, brushing all the way to your fingertips.

Lie down and close your eyes.
Good morning, Cubao!

The sky is a glass kettle.
The best TV shows are shown Monday through Thursday, the very days and nights when employees are at work and not watching TV.
Light rain over Cubao.
Jalan-jalan at the center. Paid our water bill, then went to City Hall to claim my NBI clearance for travel.

Took the jeepney to Arayat on my way back home. It was the first time I rode a jeepney in three years, but it felt like the last time was only yesterday, meaning that the last experience was not so unpleasant that it had to be repressed.

P. Tuazon is being dug up in two sections, and vehicles are being made to pass ten at a time each way. It is a VERY bad idea to pass through this road.

Two chocolate ice cream cones at T.'s.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

To prevent unwarranted astral visitations, prop up a compact mirror, facing outward, on your window sill.
Good morning, Cubao!

The sun brushes his hair with star bristles.
Been saving my granddaughters' old school notebooks to use for writing random notes, because I hate wasting paper. Currently on Angelique's 2010 planner, when she was a high school freshman. Took photos of some of the pages.

It is the person who stays quietly in the background who loves you the most.
Look forward only to the simplest things in your life and you will feel much blessed.
I would rather lie on my couch and watch treasure-hunting shows on TV than physically participate in an actual treasure hunt.
The pastry chef soon learns that life is not all about pastry.
Let the food vendor ring his bell outside your door. The sound dispels negative energy.
The line of vision from one window to another is an astral pathway.
Before I retired it would suddenly rain just at the exact time we were leaving the office to go home, and I wondered why we all deserved such a punishment.
Wild plants, when uprooted and relocated to a manicured garden, will be unhappy and will not grow.
Every Friday night, parties are held inside elfin mounds. You can hear the music all the way from your bedroom if you try hard enough.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Fall in love with what is there and what is real.

Do not superimpose your fantasy on anyone.
Hot and humid Thursday in Cubao.
Good morning, Cubao!

The sky is a blue, bathroom sponge.
If no one can write, up to this time, a horror script with no haunted houses with unusual histories and gossipy neighbors, no night sequences, no nightmares, no strange rituals, no blood, no candles, no moving shadows, no psychotics, and no screaming, I think that I finally will.
This is the way I drew and will eventually paint a centaur. Throughout history centaurs have been depicted as having the head and torso of a man above the FULL body of a horse. Those proportions have always disturbed me--the horse's legs look like sticks beneath a muscular torso, for starters--and the "half-man, half-horse" definition really seemed to me more like "one-fourth man, three-fourths horse".

I've been fascinated with centaurs because Studio Antenor (my e-mail address) is named after the mentor of Florante, Adolfo, and Menandro in Francisco Baltazar's _Florante at Laura_. I have always believed him to be a centaur.

In my personal version, the spine of the centaur smoothly transits all the way to the horse's coccyx. The back of the horse is shorter but can still seat one rider. The centaur can reach all the way to his back and touch his tail, his butt, his dick, and all four hooves. And if I were a centaur I would like to be able to do all of that.

The summer break is more expensive than the Christmas holidays. Most of your budget goes to food and snacks.
Think of your tables as bodies that need to change their clothes every once in a while.
A gentle rain falls on Cubao, and it feels like a loving mother's caress.
Every mage has an inner sanctum that only a few are privileged to enter.
Smile back at a baby when it smiles at you.
The truly lavish house will always be the one-story house, or the bungalow. It conveys that the owner has all the space at his command but prefers to lie back and not overuse it.
One of the biggest lessons you need to learn on the way to maturity is that not everything in this world is to your liking and will never be.
Every gnarled tree is a tree of power.
A person who is made a fool of too often will eventually become a star and floor all of his former tormentors.
There are more responsible writers than irresponsible writers, but there are more irresponsible readers than responsible readers.
It is really hot when you can smell the heat.
A quiet day is like a pond. You have to look through a microscope to see all the activity and movement therein.
A bachelor's room is always filled with testosterone.
In the end time toward one's death, one has the freedom to choose between being bitter and resentful or cheerful and at peace with oneself.

Remember that nothing is really yours--everything just comes your way while you are in this world. There is also no such thing as unfinished business--whatever you do not finish someone else will, and it matters not who takes the credit for it.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

When young people take too many photos of themselves and showcase themselves in live video, it is not a sign of narcissism but of self-exploration, self-discovery, and the desire for self-improvement, pretty much in the same way that young people looked into mirrors before the computer age.
To me there is something about "Thank you so much!" that is insincere and consciously cultivated.

I prefer "Thank you" and "Thank you very much".

Maybe because "so much" can also mean "only this much".
It is easy to resent persons with God-given talents because, unlike you, they didn't have to pay tuition to develop their skills and practice their art.
Your Messenger message:

"sir tony magandang umaga po. nagising ako sa panagin po na ito... actually di na po bago... napapaginipan ko na po siya dati kahit nung bata pa po ako ... (nung bata po ako di malinaw image) ... sa panaginip ko raw po... nagising ako sa panaginip ko dahil may narinig akong ingay... gabi raw po noon. nakita ko may malaking hayop na naakyat sa bakod namin at nakita ko na parang kambing ... malaking kambing may sungay... tapos alam ko po natatakit ako dahil alam kong papasok... sinubukan ko pong bugawin siya sa pamamagitan ng pag kalampag sa bintana... that time takot akong mahuli pero biglang bumukas ang bintana...natakot ako dahil sa dati kong panaginip dumudungaw siya... kaya sinara ko na ulit ang bintana. nakita ko siya sa labas ng pinto... (pero lumang tinitirhan ang imahen) nagbabadya na siyang pumasok... natakot na ako... pinilit kong gumising... pagkagising ako (real) natulog ulit ako... pero tao na ... same pa rin na nangyari... ano po kaya ibig sabihin. salamat po sir.

"hindi pa po natapos dun... sa pagkakatulog ko nagising raw po ako (sa panaginip) may mga tao raw nagulat ako dahil pagbdubgaw ko sa bintana mahabang prusisyin. sobrang puti.... prusisyon pero may parang mga kakasalin pero (more on prosisyon) sobrang dami ng tao lahat sila nakaputi... pupunta raw bahay namin... nagising ako (sa panaginip)... pero ang pakiramdam ko tunay... i chachat konpo sana sa inyonyung panaginip... pero di ko masend... kinonpost ko yung msg... may image nannalabas... weird pero angry christ nalabas pero iba hindi siya si christ alam kong hindi siya sibchrist... kasi pag mulat ko raw nakikita ko sa peripheral vision ko may cross midium size na nakadapa... nangapa ako sa gilid ko ... pero yung lahat mahawakan kong rosary nawawasak ... sa panaginip ko natulogb raw ulit ako... weird kasi nandun kayo... naghahandanraw kayo... tapos shift ngblugar... nasa isang kwarto... nakaupo sa sahig pero may carpet... pero hindi kayo nag iisa.... may mga kasama kayong nakaupo rin sa sahig... tapos malapit sa akin may parang bell (like na babasagin) medyo nagpanic ako kasi baka maabala sa inyo kasi walang kumukuha... tapos tinanong ko kung inyo ito kasi buglang may mga beads at crystal at pendulum etc... hindi ang sagot nyo. .. after nun sabi nyo kung ready na etc... after nun nawala kayo ... usok lang. ... tapos sa panaginip ko weird nag shift sa parang lego pixilated tapos nakita ko kayo nagdidrive ng sasakyan puti..(or gray) pinasakay nyo ko tapos shift ulit... sasakyan na parang tren dinadaanan (pero nakikita ko na puro representation lahat... panilyar nga image... etc...) hanggang sa sumanib sa isang ulo ng isang malaking hayop ang saakyan patang crocodile or parang mala kasing laki ng dinosaur .. pero bawat dinadaanan natin may mga nabubuhay.. ibat iabng devil.. malalaki sila mapupula... nasabi nyo pa nga halos kumpleto wala layung neva... o nevi... (nakalimutan ko na po.) tapao dumami sila....after nun feeling ko mag isa na ko ... sigaw ako ng sigaw. God is my light ... tapos nag imagine ako ng light ball ( parang that time alam ko na na panaginp) tapos pinakakalat ko light ball... iniimagine ko... tapos nagising na po talaga ako... sobrang napagod po ako sa panaginip ko salamat po ulit sir."

My reply:

Hi ______!

The first part of the dream is the key to the meaning of the dream, since it has been recurring since your childhood. I believe that one of your spirit guides is a tikbalang but that you have been conditioned to fear it rather than make it your ally. As such, this is a Shadow dream--it recurs because you are unwilling, or not ready to, confront it.

Your Shadow undergoes variations in image in the second part of your dream: first as an angry Christ who is not quite Christ, then as me in the company of students or the new Spirit Questors, then as a crocodile/dinosaur. They are as the triple heads on the hilt of a Tibetan phurba and may represent three conflicting values in your present: religiosity, an interest in magic and psychism, and your sexual urges. That you are in a car, and then a train, with me as a guide indicates that, at this time, you are in a state of psychological transition--a wonderful change is about to occur, or is already occurring, in your life and you have yet to acknowledge it rather than be afraid of it.

"Neva/nevi" is in your dream vocabulary, and I suggest that you explore it. There are possible meanings in Hindi, in Urdu, and in Arabic. It could also be "nueva" or "nova", as in "new". It could also be a pronunciation of "never", in which it could indicate resistance on your part to accept the message of the dream.

What I see right now is that you are afraid to be yourself because of pressure and expectations from the people who surround you. Remember, if the people you hang out with prevent you from growing and developing, you can be certain that they do not love you, and you are better off without them.
Good morning, Cubao!

The clouds are melting ice cubes.
Despite his reputation, his fans, and his electronic hype, he relies too much on people he should not trust, that is why his business is going down.
The werewolf crossed the street to the burger stand.
They are cursed to wish dead those whom they will terribly miss if they actually die.
A psychic who strives to live an idle fantasy and/or frequently lies eventually loses his abilities, for idle fantasies and lies are like mud slung into clear water.
I have always suspected that an entire breed of extraterrestrials resides in trees, and that they have been erroneously perceived throughout history as elementals, devas, or tree-spirits.

We have always hypothesized that extraterrestrials reside in the ocean and under the earth. I also vote for trees, and I believe that the beings within are serpentines.
It is fine to enjoy music, but note that there are times when it bogs you down and reinforces your inaction.
Your work takes you away from your family. Do not engage in other things that will do that also.
Looking back over the years, if there is anything I could now do to revise the past, it is to have spent more time with my family rather than:

--with the old Spirit Questors
--writing for movies, television, and radio
--hanging out with people I never really liked
--going out on stupid dates.
True charity is allowing your enemy to enjoy his happiness and doing nothing to deprive him of it.
Synthetic silver will always sparkle more brightly than synthetic gold.
A man who has been alone too long will resent having constant company.
An interest in the ethnic, when manifested the wrong way, will always come across as pretentious.
Modern-day neuroses come about when we achieve scientific and technological advancement and then see that we must shed our animal nature within the next 50 years.
You may have to step up your reading lenses temporarily due to the wrong diet, so do not get rid of your old ones.
Our children are trained to be outspoken and assertive in school, only to be crushed by bigots in the outside world.
 I have observed that the more insecure a person is, the more he tends to flirt aggressively.
Change your family routine once in a while. Otherwise your children will grow up to be inflexible and obsessive-compulsive.
When people are addicted to religion it is to distract themselves and escape from their personal problems.
Unless an empty bowl is washed clean, it cannot contain good food.
Love should be steadfast. Otherwise it is mere affection and not love.

Monday, May 15, 2017

There are always two possible solutions: from the inside going out and from the outside going in.
Believe in yourself.

Don't wait for other people to believe in you.
When a government and its people are always in conflict, something is terribly wrong neither with the government only nor the people only but with both of them.
Good morning, Cubao!

The sky is a watercolor wash.
The heat in Cubao is so palpable that it actually parts like a silk curtain when you walk through it.
Do a flash forward to the future. Then look back to the past (the real-time present) and see how much energy you wasted on a pointless concern.
Must buy more boxes of Seven African Powers joss sticks at Assad. They really cleanse the environment and bring in good energy.
Always, beneath anger, there is love.
Never commence a painting until you can already clearly envision what it will look like.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Never give a director too many ideas for your play or script. He will use them in succeeding productions without giving you credit.
When the sun rises on the horizon, you begin to smell the day: breakfast cooking in the kitchen, bath soap and shampoo in the shower, someone's cologne, leather shoes newly polished, the fumes of a car revving in the garage.

When the sun sinks on the horizon, you begin to smell the night: a bonfire or scented candles, a grill, the scent of sweat, detergent in the sink, fresh bed sheets.
When family members come home at the end of the day, don't just let them walk into an apparently empty house and empty rooms. Be there or somewhere else nearby so that you can come out to meet them.
The creature will rise from the incense burner.
It is the person who is at home--or who gets home first--whose duty is to make everything as welcoming as possible to those who have yet to come home.
Little did the psychic know that, like the priest who must leave his order to get married, it behooved him to give up his abilities in exchange for romantic love.
Rivalry is always rife among faculty members. When one of them plays the hero, the rest of them resent having to play the Greek chorus.
It is imperfection that endows character.
A toy must be loved. Otherwise it deserves another owner.
Venom is the insect's means of defense.
Emotionally disturbed persons should not use fountain pens because the pressure they apply will quickly ruin the nibs.
When you look at children, see the amazing adults they can grow up to be.
Be wary of group members who covet what you know and what you have, but be content in knowing that they will never match up to either one.
There are power animals that avenge you.
It is least stressful to be an artist who does everything himself and never relies on the assistance of others.
As a general rule people are supportive of those who sincerely try their best.
The greatest freedom of all is the freedom to be.
Good morning, Cubao!

The reason there are spires is for them to reach out to the sun.
One-hour business meeting with M. We are bursting with new plans for the cafe, but those plans entail huge funding.
The werewolf crossed the street to the burger stand.
Dinner at home with Angelique and Aubrey.
Three-hour, deep tissue massage.
A man who never gets jealous also never plays the game of making others jealous.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

You cannot be compassionate with others if you are incapable of being compassionate with yourself.
Tony Perez's Art of War: Always check your artillery, your men, and your spirit guides before launching into battle.

But, if your spirit guides tell you to not launch into battle, do not launch into battle no matter what.
The breeze always heralds that the rest of the day will be fine.
Never delegate unpleasant tasks to others. Do them yourself. Otherwise both the delegates and the other people involved will think and speak ill of you.
We are leaving the paraffin oil lamps on our family altar on through the rest of the day.
Lunch at home with Angelique, Aubrey, and J.
Never choose a psychologist who comes across as living a normal, wholesome, prim and proper life. Such a person, after all, does not exist.

Go with a psychologist who has the greatest breadth of experience, who is battle-scarred and wounded, and who embraces his dark side, for that is the psychologist who will not only truly understand you but who will also know where you came from and where you are going.
Ever since I retired my life has become so stress-free that, whenever I see someone even slightly stressed, I perceive that person as being in great suffering.
I have yet to meet a farmer who does not have a subconscious, magical affinity with Nature.
I have yet to meet a gardener who does not practice patience.
Once in a while ask yourself why you have friends who are smooth talkers, who seem to know everything under the sun, who have an unusual passion for what they like--but who, after all these years, haven't accomplished anything substantial for themselves.
Learn how to relax even in your anger and your grief.
An artist who paints a lot but who does not read up on art will soon find himself on the way to mediocrity.

Attending art exhibits and rubbing elbows with co-artists are not substitutes for scholarly pursuits in art.
Good morning, Cubao!

The clouds are fiesta banners flapping under the sun.
Which one--or more than one--of your favorite possessions connects you to extraterrestrials?
NEVER let a mage who does not like you touch your left shoulder blade with his right hand on any pretext.
A true artist knows how to stick his neck out--even if he might be wrongly judged when he does so.
Your Google+ posting:

"Good day Sir,
I'm one of your students before (under Sir _______-a medical student in UST). Unfortunately i stopped going for my training and session because my parent won't allowed me anymore. Now, i have family of my own. i have 3 wonderful children, 1 girl and 2 boys. But my 2nd child shows also a gift that i had but he's only 6 yrs. old. he clearly see them and sometimes heard them. That is why i'm scared for him. I don't know how to handle it or where to start explaining to him this kind of paranormal. That is why I humbly seeking for your advice and help for this kind of situation. My email is i'm hoping for your reply. Thank you and God Bless."

My reply:

Hello ________! Based on the initial sessions I had with you, you should be capable of guiding him through everything that he is experiencing. He is too young for me to do anything--he will either get scared or, worse, become dependent on me. In the latter case you would only be running to me for help time and again. I suggest that you treat him as though he were as normal as everyone else and then let him decide what he wants to do when he becomes 18.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Picked up the granddaughters' comforters at the laundry.
Two cups black, brewed, espresso blend.
Good morning, Cubao!

The sun is a shaded porch light.
That mage's abilities will burst like bubbles when one, seven-letter word is uttered in his presence. I know the word, and I hope that no one accidentally says it when he is around.
The wolf in the rear of the pack is the Protector, and is second only to the Leader.
To live comfortably is not enough.

One must be able to go shopping whenever one wants to, not whenever one can.
Contrary to your belief that napping in the daytime will prevent you from sleeping at night, it will actually make you drowsy when you lie in bed to sleep.
Tony Perez's Art of War: Like an arrow in a quiver, keep silent until you need to be used.