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Oriental Masks

Oriental Masks
Photo by Jefferson Solayao, 2016

Friday, June 30, 2017

Going jalan-jalan with Angelique and Aubrey in a few.
Chito, Chevy, and Vinci visit.
If a guest keeps accidentally breaking things in your house, it means that the house spirits do not like him.
Beware the student who signs up to you and then constantly tests his boundaries. Such a student has severe father-son problems. Let him resolve all of those problems first, because it is his foremost obligation.
I'm giving American Ninja Warrior a few more months before the ANJ syndrome emerges--a psychological affliction that will beset contestants who want to stop, who know they should stop because other men are more able than they, but who cannot stop.

Never put your eggs in one basket.
Hell is a supervisor you do not agree with.
Past the age of 40 you will learn to abandon all lovers, friends, and students who do nothing but argue with you, because, by then, you will have created your own world and populated it only with persons whom you really like.
Good morning, Cubao!

The clouds are dove's feathers suspended in the sky.
Hold a lavender, glass ball in your left hand to attune yourself to spirit guides.
Everybody home, and the rain has stopped.

Angelique and J. had dinner out.

Waiting for dinner time with Aubrey.
To have and to hold are not permanent states of existence.
Do not retrieve souvenirs from a building that burned down.
Glowering skies over Cubao.

Turned on the incandescent lamps. House looking cozy.
Went jalan-jalan, and glad it didn't rain both ways, to and from the center. Checked out something and was so let down when I discovered it was made of resin. Passed, of course. I want our house to be a resin-less house.

Bought three useful items and also phone cards for the granddaughters.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

To divide your year into two, manageable time frames, celebrate the New Year twice--on December 31 and on July 1.

Haven't you noticed that some of the world even divides the year into quarters and therefore celebrates the New Year four times? January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1.
Half the year is over.

Should write _Cubao Ilalim: Ikalawang Aklat_ sometime soon and do a portrait of Keng Sen, for starters.
The June leaf falls off my planner.
Watch your art.

To be clever and to be creative are two different things.
Only after you have settled your obligations can you begin a major work of art.
There are two, big sails on the ship of your good karma--your life dream and your career. While they cannot always be one and the same, they can comfortably exist parallel to each other.
The secret to individuality is to not emulate the persons you would like to be. It is to be content with yourself IN RELATION to those persons.
If it's something you don't see yourself wearing everyday, don't buy it.
Be silent and observe, for your stardom relies on your self-effacement.
Your power animals do not remain the same throughout your life. Some of them move on and others come in, depending on the major changes and your needs as you go through your life journey. That is why you have to keep attuning to them in order to identify them.
The sun is a bangle of white gold.
Good morning, Cubao!

Angelique and J. are off to a basketball game.
Dinner at home with Angelique, Aubrey, and J.

Caught the American Ninja Warrior replay and it was about time someone won--and someone who could use a million USD.

Hold a pink, glass ball in your left hand whenever you need to be gentle, affectionate, and appreciative of others.
I do because I can.
Cool night, cool day.

Angelique and J. went to pay for a bag Aubrey wants for school.

Now Aubrey is at gym.

Read more pages from The Dream Spheres.
Some examples of Philippine power animals:

Carabao, Water Buffalo
Fish (specify)
Lizard, Gecko, Salamander
Rice Bird
Rooster, Hen
Philippine sea creatures, such as Eel
Wild Boar
Wild Cat

All animals in the Chinese zodiac may be included.

I have also observed cases in which insects manifested as power animals.
Numbers of the power animals:

In front: 3

Behind: 1

On your right: 6

On your left: 7

Above: 8

Below: 9

Within: 5

Colors of the power animals:

In front: Red

Behind: Yellow

On your right: Blue

On your left: Orange

Above: White

Below: Maroon

Within: Green
The power animal in front of you leads, and paves the way before you. It is the persona of all your power animals, and is that which people see and by which they form an impression of you.

The power animal behind you follows and protects you. It is your Shadow Animal.

The power animal on your right works with you and helps you get things done.

The power animal on your left nourishes your wishes, dreams, and secret desires, and helps make them become reality.

The power animal above you should have wings, and guides you through your life journey and your careers.

The power animal below you helps you keep stealthy and well grounded.

The power animal within you is your medicine animal. It harnesses all your power animals, heals you when you are ill, and prevents you from psychosis. (Sociopaths are said to have power animals within them that are injured, dying, or dead.) Note that, in many cases, a person always moves like the power animal within him/her and even takes on the eyes and gaze of that animal.
Be careful whom you flirt with--it might be someone who takes you seriously.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Every student mage should be able to tell between real magical items and magical junk, which is comprised merely of cheap trinkets and souvenirs.
You know when pre-adolescents move to adolescence when they think of changing their clothes and their hairstyles.
It is Lizard (or Salamander) who keeps you potent.
Tony Perez's Art of War: You don't need to adjust to the world as long as you believe that the world will need to adjust to you.
When atchays want to get to know a person better, one of the first things they want to know is that person's sexual preference. They cannot proceed anywhere without that knowledge.
To empower a framed taladro with your own essence, hang it in your bedroom or bathroom, where you are frequently naked.
It pays to keep a folded taladro in every notebook and wallet. You will see the results in seven days.
We cannot turn back time but we can change the way we think and feel about it.
A day that unwinds can be rewound.
Lunch at home with the granddaughters.

After yesterday's sojourn, so happy to be spending the entire day at home again today.
You are Square One. That is why you keep going back to it.

You are the drawing board.

You are the coal or salt or opal mine.

You are the clean slate.

You are Ground Zero.

Saw something in a display window that I MUST have! NOW!
Loving rubies that remind me of dark strawberry jam and deep-red cherries.
Good morning, Cubao!

The clouds are treasure chests filled with white sapphires.
Came home with the granddaughters to a dark house and two hungry pet dogs.

The evening torrent brought some water into the house.
Dream only for yourself, never for other people, for you will discover that the dreams and fantasies and fugues of love they have for themselves are very far from yours.
From 2018 - 2021 do not give any baby the name of Roger. He will grow up to be a loser if you do. If you must name anyone Roger, do it from 2022 onward.
On weekday afternoons the Cubao Hogwarts Espresso Station is full of retired, old men like myself. They sit at tables discussing private business deals while I sit alone writing magical spells.
Before we left for the center our compound tenant informed me that he successfully nurtured and nourished the kitten we rescued to normal health. It ran off from his ground-floor unit, though, and joined the other cats on the building roof.
When the rain let up the first time today, I brought my granddaughters to the family dentist's, sat with them awhile, then went window-shopping for glass cloches and lanterns. Afterward I sat in the smoking area of the Cubao Hogwarts Espresso Station with a slice of lemon praline and a glass of pink guava juice. Went back to the dentist's to pick up my granddaughters afterward. Dinner and dessert.
Your lover's battles are his own. Do not fight them for him.
Your spirit guides seldom allow you to witness the suffering of your enemies.
Try mix-matching dinnerware.
You are either waiting for the rain to start or waiting for the rain to stop. Either way you are waiting.
When you're bored, unable to travel, and have nothing on hand to keep you entertained, just sit down and write a novel.
Never take for your own a gift that was not intended for you. It will keep bringing you bad luck.
Every person has something useful to teach, if only you will see it.
There must be something deeper behind the fact that every creature has its own, particular food.
A barangay is like a religious group when it values you not for your mind but for the potential, financial assistance they expect you to give.
When he can find nothing to laugh at, he laughs at other people's clothes.
Every group of employees has a female busybody who meddles in everyone's affairs, presses unsolicited advice, and clucks like a mother hen to compensate for all her personal problems. For many other employees, it is always a pleasure to put her down.
Never resent the success, edge, and advantage of a co-employee. You have no idea how he must viciously toil to keep that position.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Diamonds always sparkle in the sun like a thousand fireworks set in gold.
A nation founded on cheap entertainment will have nothing but hollow laughter after disaster strikes.
Good morning, Cubao!

The sky is a choker of gray pearls.
One of you will be designing a tree house dollhouse.
Consider having a beach-resort-motif porch, bathroom, or bedroom. It will be relaxing even on rainy days.
Fill a small box, pouch, or dish with ten, shiny, ten-peso coins and place that on your altar table. Ten is the number of the head of the household.
Always treat your daughters like ladies and your sons like gentlemen.
You must have at least one power animal that flies. (And an image of it.) The most common are Eagle and its Shadow, Condor.
Differences between friends are best settled earlier than later.
Boredom brings about the desire to play or the desire to destroy.
Don't fight it. Don't hide it. Man up and match up to it.
Today's fashion is tomorrow's period costume.
As you are beset with problems at work and at home, so are your children beset with problems at school and at home.
Tuesday Madness

Monday, June 26, 2017

B.L. helps me take care of the K.T.

The motif is there, a son who died.
Back from John's.

Organized all my Asian spirituality books in a book case.
"But all is changed with time/
The future no one can see/
The road you leave behind/
Ahead lies mystery/
But all is fair in love/
I had to go away/
A writer takes his pen/
To write the words again/
That all in love is fair/"

--Stevie Wonder
Waiting for the Cubao rain to stop.
Ask yourself what something means other than what it means.
There are times when the embrace of another human being is not enough. There is the love of the divine within you and the love of the divine within the other. Yet, you yearn even more strongly for the actual and physical touch of the divine, and are terrified with the possibility that you could spend an entire lifetime waiting for it.
How many moments are you one not with your lover but with the universe?
Thunder rolls to the east of Cubao.

Whenever the sky sends signals, the primordial man within me looks upward or out the window, and my consciousness rises above the rooftops to scan the neighborhood and the city beyond it. I think of loved ones far and near. I wonder whether the gods and goddesses are displeased about someone or something.

I light a scented candle and take consolation in its steady and unwavering flame.

A man or a woman, though bonded by commitment to another, must also view himself/herself in a unique relationship with the cosmos, for that is how he/she will attain a sense of completion.
A mage obsessed with magnifying lenses discovers many worlds within worlds.
When you think of cycles, think not in terms of circles but in terms of ascending spirals. That way even your times of sadness will be in an upward direction, and will elevate you.
Home alone.

The granddaughters went to university to pick up a copy of Angelique's transcript, after which they are having lunch in a restaurant in San Juan City.

Quite glad that Chito is out of hospital now.

Having lunch alone later, most probably at John's townhouse stand.
Good morning, Cubao!

The sky is the blank screen on which your spirit guides project your day.
Night Classes
Every house must satisfy not its designers but its residents, whether those residents have good taste or not.
A child who is frequently oppressed and tormented by his siblings will grow up to be a sociopath without a clue that his crimes are not attempts to get back at society but at his own family.
It is distasteful (pun intended) to announce your pride in food that brings you back to your childhood, considering that billions of other people never had a decent meal when they were children (and in many cases all the way through their adulthood).
Do not chuck out withered chili. Dry them out some more in the sun. They will actually taste hotter than fresh chili.
One of the most wonderful effects that Masterchef Australia has on its contestants is that they start out awkward and camera shy and then end up being veteran TV performers who know how to control their hair, their facial expressions, and their body movements, so that they jump right out of the TV screens and unto your lap.
Never think in terms of destiny. It prevents you from being realistic, down to earth, and well grounded.
There will always be war someplace or other as long as primitive man remains the Shadow of civilized man.
Envy prevents people from helping others.

It is envy, therefore, that is the true opposite of compassion.
You never cause other people's karma. They cause it themselves.
To every hermit, it is heaven to be left alone.
You may break a promise to an adult, but never do that to a child.
You need to give your children:

--A house/home
--Nutritious food
--Good food
--Education and career opportunities
--The development of their talents
--Religious and moral values
--Avenues to express themselves

All of this they may need to provide themselves after you have gone. And provide their own children as you provided for them.
They will find the box before this year is over.
And then they will visit Venus.
We greet the day and we greet the night. We should also learn to greet midnight and high noon.
Know your neighborhood. It is the context your house is in.
Always measure in retrospect when you stopped savoring ephemeral entertainment after you've done watching it.
A big, sloppy, boardwalk ice cream cone. The stand was closing. Bottom half, chocolate, top half buko pandan.

All the other stands have closed--quite early on a Monday evening.

We're just having pizza for dinner.
Sometimes God makes it such that our perfect partner or our perfect friend is at the other end of the globe.
When you break up a fight between animals, the fight is not over.

When you break up a fight between men, the fight is over.

Or is it the other way around?
The secret to successful parenting is to be a father and a mother, or a mother and a father. Otherwise you will be relegating a lot of responsibilities to your spouse.
Rain over Cubao, with rolling thunder.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

After rising high above your status, come down once in a while to help others also rise.
Whenever you finally obtain what you have been dreaming of, you will most certainly begin dreaming of something else.
If your father is a tiger, be a dragon.

If your father is a dragon, be two dragons.
I always keep a notebook and a pen in every part of the house I am frequently in. That way I don't have to lug a notebook and a pen wherever I go.
Negative words cannot ruin you because they ruin only their sources, especially when your spirit guides are standing behind you.
Magic has always been the doorway to science, and science, to magic, and superstition has always been the bridge between the two. Once a person has crossed from magic to science or from science to magic and decides to stay there, however, he usually burns the bridge of superstition behind him.
The Wands must continue pointing to the ground.
If your friends are of the same feather as yours and you have none from other, diverse, groups, then you have no real friends at all.
Lunch at home with Angelique, Aubrey, and J.

Angelique and J. are going jalan-jalan at the center, Aubrey to gym.
The sun is a golden rattle in a baby's hands.
Good day, Cubao!

Slept eleven hours last night, and I feel like a UFC fighter who's just stepped into the arena.
But exceeding wealth brings about exceeding hazards and exceeding disadvantages.
Peace and prosperity descend on them who paint their rooftops green.
Do not be impressed by all artists whose works are highly realistic and very detailed. Some of them simply overlay paint on photo tarpaulins.
Tony Perez's Art of War: Your enemies see and acknowledge that you are better than all of them combined. That is why they remain your enemies.
They are prepared to wait until the sky turns green.
Cozy Sunday evening. Snuggling in bed with The Dream Spheres later tonight.
Reflect on the type of face you usually have a crush on.

Go back in time, year by year, and identify one such type you encountered per year.

Go back further, to your early childhood, doing the same.

You will find that that type of face is directly related to a young father, a young mother, a young father's friend, or a young mother's friend--and someone who carried you, played with you, or smiled at you during a happy occasion, such as a children's party.
Reflect on the activities you do.

--How many of them are really meant to call attention to yourself rather than to the people you serve?
--How many of them actually please you and give you a sense of self-fulfillment?
--How many of them do you do merely to make money?
--How many of them can you actually live without?
--How many of them ironically make you feel insecure and unsure of yourself?
--If you had to streamline your activities, which one would you willingly give up first?
Time plods on ever so slowly as we live and breathe and suffer and strive. And then, when someone dies, we note how fast time is, and are shocked to be commemorating death anniversaries all too soon.
Three-hour, deep tissue massage. This time we used the new ventosa set that I just purchased.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

"Happy Birthday to You" and "O Salutaris Hostia" can be sung at the same time.
Learn to look at housework not as a punishment but as a source of domestic bliss.
It is the right combination of food on the table that arouses a healthy appetite.
Always save the baby. It could very well grow up to be a greater person than you are.
Caught BBC's post-disaster documentary on the tragic fire. A moving assemblage of facts and shots.
A blessed Eid El Fatir to all my Muslim friends!

Pray for me, as you always do, on this special day.
Shy Sun does not blaze constantly the entire day. It hides behind one cloud, then another, and then behind an entire sky covered with a sheet of clouds, coming out only once in a while to smile at its closest friends.
The logo and sign of Memo Cafe has a subliminal line that reads "Eat Meet Drink".

The workshop participants asked me: Why not "Eat Drink Meet" since it is logical to eat and drink and then meet and discuss affairs with people.

My answer: The implication of "Eat Meet Drink" is that you eat at the cafe, meet a special someone, have a drink together...and who knows what follows.

Do not seek popularity. Most of your fans will be hypocrites.

Go with the few who have proven themselves to be true to you.
There are two kinds of deep relationships your psyche seeks with persons other than your own relatives: the first is with persons with whom you share a lot in common; the second with persons who are your exact opposite.
The sky will cry out next.

Air and Air, Air and Fire, Air and Water, Air and Earth.
Good morning, Cubao!

The clouds are silver koi in a blue pond.
A +B = C

"The fish are eating."

Does he look like a fish?

Isn't the correct line "The fish are feeding"?
Caught the last third of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban on HBO. That is the volume I like best in the seven-volume series.

Couldn't catch the naughty footprints on the end titles, but I understand it's on the VOX credit shot.
Gnomes and other elementals can appear to you disguised as normal people.
When you fall in love with the wind, do not leave immediately. Sometimes the first person who shows up and comes to you is its personification.
I haven't had a whirlwind affair (pun intended) with the wind in a long, long time. The only other times I recall were when I was a graduate student at university, enrolled in a master's degree course in Clinical Psychology, and when I was a special teacher and stranded one afternoon at Saint Joseph of Cupertino School, both in the 70s; and during my third visit to the Kabayan Mummy Caves as cultural affairs specialist for the Ambassador's Fund for Cultural Preservation in 2012.

During those times I felt that the wind was sexier than anyone I'd ever known, and I wished that it would never stop.
When the wind blows across the earth and the trees flap their wings, I stop and watch, expecting them to take off and ascend into the sky, never to be seen again.
Toward the end of his life my uncle sold off all of his existing property for PHP11M and divided the amount among his nephews and nieces, rather than have all of it go to the religious order he belonged to.
The wind rises in Cubao, shuffling the leaves of our dragon tree like a thousand playing cards.
One cannot rest on an empty stomach and on a broken heart.
First trial Bingo session. I now know what to anticipate, especially the next time around, when we shall have more people. I should hire one of M.s' cafe waiters to wait on us.
Do not spend your entire life proving yourself. At a certain point you need to stop, be content with what you have, relax, and be completely happy.
Every art entails an illusion, every crime, a delusion.

Friday, June 23, 2017

A person who truly loves you stays with you wherever you are rather than takes you to go away with him/her elsewhere.
Go and pursue your dream, and fight for survival if you have to. The shrinking violet gets nothing, and is always the bashful loser.
Family Bingo session in exactly one hour.

This is the first time we are doing this, and so it is an experimental event.
The clouds are white, children's turbans unwinding in the sky.
Good noon, Cubao!

Slept nine hours last night.
"The woods are lonely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep."

--Robert Frost

Night Classes

When I announce night classes I no longer specify a time. I discovered that people attend the classes any time within a 48-hour period after my announcement. Some will feel like they attended a two-hour session within only 30 minutes of sleeping; others like they attended only briefly within eight hours of sleeping. Time is fluid when one is on the astral plane.

All classes are held on my roof deck.

If you sleep with any one of the 36 Wands, your lesson will be on weather changes.

If you sleep with anything else I gave you, such as a book, a medallion, a stone, or a piece of wood, your lesson will be about magic in general.
Dinner at home with Angelique, Aubrey, and J.
The flower man buzzed by, and I bought from him a strand of sampaguita and camia blossoms for the shivalingam. Did an evening libation. I learned that a clean-water libation is not enough--it is not complete without flowers.
Angelique and J. watching movies upstairs, Aubrey at gym.

One-hour, afternoon nap. It was quite delicious. I enjoy waking from a nap and not rising immediately.
Never be a counselor for someone you neither like nor believe in.
Never be a lawyer for someone you neither like nor believe in.
Werewolves are never united because they belong to different clans and packs.

It is the Silver Wolf, however, who is above them all.
Shame can always rise and transform itself to pride.
Religion need not exist in order for anything to be sacred.
I love having different sets of drinking glasses for four, six, and 12. I am partial to translucent glasses because I like being able to see what is inside them.

I believe that one should never have to drink from boring vessels.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

After winning the competition she proceeded to put on weight. When that happens to the winners of any competition, it is because they subconsciously believe that they did not deserve to win, and so (also subconsciously) put on weight in a metaphoric attempt to put on substance.
My current vice is having a big, sloppy, boardwalk ice cream cone at the Sitio Catacutan hawkers' center, usually chocolate- or purple-yam- flavored.
Never try to be an impresario for someone you neither like nor believe in.
People you see everyday give you a sense of security. Note that, whenever you do not see someone you ordinarily see everyday, something seems to be off.
She throws a lavish party whenever she is hard up and sad. It is her act of denial. It makes her happy anyway, albeit temporarily so.
Tony Perez's Art of War: Mice may upset you, gnaw at your things, and nibble at your food, but as long as you take the logical and necessary steps they all get poisoned in the end.
Your Messenger message:

"Hi Sir Tony, I just had a vivid memory of my dream last night. I was going to our project site (condo project) in which I was greeted by the owner of our general contactor. He lead to a car, in which he seems to give me. Seems like a black honda accord, not so new but seems okay. Gave me the keys and I drove it. It was a manual transmission car. As I was driving down the rocky ramp of the project site, I was only driving a the first gear. I also noticed the the gear shift stick is attached via a wire. As I approached the highway the wire attaching the gear shift was removed, however I was still able to drive it back to the project site's parking even though Im stuck at 1st gear. By the way the car interior was pretty much very second hand but serviceable. I found it weird since i not know how to drive a manual car and I really had a very real and vivid memory of my feet working the clutch and gear shifts. Hope you could help me interpret such a dream. Good day Sir."

My reply:

Hello _____!

At this time in your life you desire independence and believe that you are ready for it, but your psyche is reminding you that you should never acquire independence at the cost of sacrificing your family.

Your dream seems to indicate a streak of ruthlessness within you. Because of this, you tend to make rash, impulsive decisions. Alas, such decision-making will only lead you to lesser heavens that may not at all give you the happiness you envision, and will merely endow you with regret and resentment.
Good morning, Cubao!

The sky is a can of whitewash.
Dinner at home with Angelique, Aubrey, and J.

A peaceful Thursday night.
Like the planetary system and outer space, the ultimate frontier will be the human psyche.
Controversial social issues will always run in crests and troughs.
There should be no place like home and no place like your own bedroom.
Rainwater runs first before anyone and anything else.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Criminals, while imprisoned, can be conditioned to become more useful than citizens who are not criminals because they were easily conditioned to become criminals in the first place, and so their psychological and moral state can always be reversed and undone.

Such a program, however, would cost millions, and society is unwilling both to shell out the money and to extend such compassion.
He dreams of overcoats, gloves, and boots in the heat of summer.
Lazy people do not act because they do not wish to learn.
When a person chases you, don't run away. That way he will never catch up with you.
Hole up, keep still, drink lots of water, and you will heal.
To many of those who ask "Why?", the best answer is always "Why not?".
Holiness, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.
Tony Perez's Art of War: Rejecting those who reject you at the most opportune and delicious time is a gratifying act.
The truly successful mage is he who is most able to cross boundaries.
Any color can be a color of healing.
The goddess of the storm is my mother.

Angelique and her friends arrived safely in Metro Manila.
Gave three artist's anatomy books to John, whose son is currently enrolled in an animation degree course.

Writing from The Heart Workshop For TheatreWorks Singapore (May 29 - June 4, 2017)
They eliminated him quickly because the men's dorm panicked.
Good morning, Cubao!

The sky is a tin of assorted cookies.
When going to a costume party, do not accouter yourself with all the trappings and details of your dream costume. Otherwise you may look good, but you will be unable to relax, hang out, and have fun.
If at all possible, keep a plank of wood from the house of your earliest childhood. This will always protect the house you now live in.

Note: Institutions are not houses in this context.
A person's intelligence manifests not in high concepts and theories but in the simplest, everyday matters.
Nightfall. The sky draws its dark blanket up to its chin again. On earth below, people sit down to their supper, and watch TV, and read at their study tables, and turn their bed sheets. Others wait at lighted windows, and take walks in the shadows, and light wishing candles at their altars.
Never be bitter about the little that life has given you, for there are millions of others who have a lot less.
In moments of extreme misery and sadness, when hope is nowhere and one does not like what one sees around him whenever he opens his eyes, the mind can shut down or short-circuit.
The day was fast and I was slow, but I took sweet pleasure in commanding time.
When you say that someone is not  your "type", it is because he or she subconsciously reminds you of someone in your past whom you never considered a sex object.
Met Kay for coffee at the Cubao Hogwarts Espresso Station. She gave me a purple journal and a set of dark graphite drawing pencils that she purchased in Singapore where, ironically, I  recently was. I gave her one of my antique dip pens.
Jalan-jalan at the center. Paid our water bill and did some groceries.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

When you give, give unconditionally. You will always feel better for it.
If you feel you have the right to be free to criticize another person's statement, remember that he was free to express that statement first. And will be free to respond to your criticism next.
When the directions of your switches are inconsistent, it is because you hired an uneducated electrician.
You need to wash your gratitude pebbles and the dish they are in from time to time.
They who have no romantic love have not learned to relate and converse with a god or a goddess of love.
Wednesday, Wednesday