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Oriental Masks

Oriental Masks
Photo by Jefferson Solayao, 2016

Friday, March 17, 2017

Your Messenger message:

"Tony, I just came out of a trance state. I was channeling healing energy for myself at first. Then the channeling became something else. There was an energy surge. I started having visions that reassured me about questions I have been having, visions that renewed my sense of purpose. These matters do not concern you. What is relevant is the way the trance state ended. The deity I have been honoring for the past five years now, Ganesh, appeared as my visions started to end. I felt so much joy and healing. I was asked to accept a kind of gift and I agreed... Now I come to the part that concerns you. After all that other stuff, as the energy surge continued, Ganesh told me to get in touch with you and deliver a message. I was shown a dark bronze-colored rattle with beautiful carved patterns and I was asked to tell you about this image and these words: 'Take up the rattle, Tony. You know what this means because you will use the rattle as you use your bells.' After this I envisioned fields. Then the trance state ended.... Now I am curious. Might I ask what magic you are doing these days that would involve a rattle? While I remember you teaching me in the past the use of bells for cleansing and for spirits, I have not come across magic that involves a rattle. Meanwhile, even if I had a somewhat tiring day, my spine is still tingling right now and the energy is still flowing, though not as intensely as a few minutes ago. My crown chakra is very open!"

My reply:

Hello ___________!

1) The use of the rattle is shamanic; it is used for healing. I have such a rattle, it is Native North American and it is very old. It is bronze-colored, but made of wood. The rattle is shaken over a patient's body, and the healer attunes to changes in the rattle's sound. I believe you may have seen it.

2) I have six African shekeres representing six male deities and four African shekeres representing four female deities. They are used in all kinds of magic, including healing. These are the "rattles" I need to keep.

3) I am perhaps being called to do healing again, but I do not really enjoy it. I am always in Spandex shorts because I am comfortable in them only. Patients, male or female, always think that I am going to rape them. I am tired of asking their permission, such as "May I touch you?"

4) If YOU would like to do healing using a rattle, you are welcome to have my Native North American rattle. It must be fed with oil once every quarter. Consider it a gift.

5) Maybe we can do some channeling together soon. There are many things about this country and other countries, some nearby, that I would like to know more about and explore on the astral level.