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Oriental Masks

Oriental Masks
Photo by Jefferson Solayao, 2016

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Your Messenger message:

"Goodmorning sir. I just need to ask something.

"Last night, nanaginip na naman po ako ng isang babae na hindi ko na naman maalala ang mukha pero her body figure is my ideal figure for the girl I want. Then nagsimula yun nung kasama ko po yung mama ko sa tricycle and yung kapitbahay po namin yung nagdadrive. Then to a certain point dito sa street namin, may isang babae na nakasakay sa isang car at may dala syang mascot suit ni jollibee sa tabi nya at sya yung nagcause ng too bad traffic. Hindi po nakatiis yung driver namin at kinulit sya na buksan ang pinto at nung binuksan nung babae, kinuha nung driver namin yung mascot, sinakay sa tricycle, at umalis. Hinahabol po kami nung babae pero wala syang magawa dahil hindi sya makabaling. Dumaan kami sa isang looban ng subdivision atpagbaba namin, dala pa din nung driver yung mascot at umalis. Nawala bigla sa eksena si mama tapos po, inabutan na ako nung babae. Nagagalit sa akin at sabi, 'bat mo sya hinayaang dalhin yun?' At pagtapos po nun ay nagkausap na kami ng malalim at sabi ko, 'stay with me' na from out of nowhere na hindi ko alam bat ko po yun nasabi. And she stayed. After several hours, she asked me na kung pwede habulin yung kumuha nung mascot. And I agreed. Sumakay kami sa motor and habang naglalakbay kami, nawalan ng charge yung battery nung motor and may mga barkada po ako na nakita and sabi 'magcharge ka muna dito. Billards muna tayo. ' and dahil no choice, pumayag ako. Frustrated na si girl dahil ang tagal magcharge and as I remembered, yung isang barkada ng barkada ko ay lumapit sa kanya and parang inaakit sya pero she declined it with and angry voice and ang nasabi ko nalang po is 'Babe, come on. Lets go.' And dun nalang po yung naaalala ko.

"Its kinda weird but as I woke up until now, I can't move on and thinking to myself na I just want go back to sleep. Just to see and be with her again.

"I am a clueless son wandering for answers in the wisdom of the Hermit of Cubao.

"I beg if this can be just between the two of us sir, it will be great. I'm shy because of the weird events stated here but if you want to post it sir, it will be okay for me. Thank you and sir. God Bless."

My reply:

Hi _____!

I always post queries on my Wall, minus identities, so that others can learn from them.

This dream is about the feminine side of your Self. She is first projected as your mother, and then as your ideal woman. In your dream, she has a mascot costume--a disguise--indicating that you are either ashamed to show your feminine side to others or that you are ashamed to admit her existence to yourself.

In the chase that ensues there are two delays, indicating your psychological resistance to complete the holistic image of the yin and the yang within you. The first delay is the motor battery that drains, indicating that you are not psychologically equipped to deal with this matter at the present time. The second delay is the distraction that your male friends provide; they urge you to play billiards with them. It would seem that you might still be at the peer stage, in which the opinions and perceptions of other males your age matter a lot to you.

Keep in mind that the ideal Self is a balanced Self: feminine-masculine, dark-light, negative-positive, et cetera. Any attempt to go against this is imbalance. Other than that, I wouldn't worry too much about this dream if I were you. Time and increased maturity will solve everything.