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Oriental Masks

Oriental Masks
Photo by Jefferson Solayao, 2016

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Your Messenger message:

"Hi, Sir. Someone has been stealing from me fairly regularly. My gut instincts tell me it's someone nearby. A well meaning friend taught me to write this spell on 2 pieces of paper and paste one at the back of the door and the other under the door. Question: I'm want to know that the spell means before I do it. Would you be able to translate this for me?
_____+___________ ______+_____________________ _____+__________________ ______________________ ______________________________ +++

My reply:

Translation follows:

"Whoever is guilty/
By Isaac [(or In the name of Isaac) sic, should be Esau]/
Who was the savior of Jacob and carried their house/
The guilty will be (punished with) short steel (i.e., a dagger)/
And metal chains will be their shackles/"

By Isaac [sic, should be Esau], who saved Jacob and carried the house, The guilty will be (punished with) short steel (i.e., a dagger), and metal chains will be his shackles.