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Oriental Masks

Oriental Masks
Photo by Jefferson Solayao, 2016

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Your Messenger message:

"I dreamt i was happily fitting a beautiful pair of white high-heeled shoes. There were people around me, mostly monks . In the dream , i was thinking of what relevance the heeled shoes were, considering that everyone walks around here in sandals or slippers.

"May i request you to interpret the above dream, Tony?"

My reply:

Hello ___________!

The white, high-heeled shoes are the key image in this dream.

1. They represent your attainment of the kind of purity you have always wanted, and you are ready to commence a new journey wearing them.

2. Yet, since you are human, the image also bears its opposite--the shoes could easily represent an attitude of superiority over others.

3. The archetype of white (a.k.a. glass or crystal) shoes is found in the story of Cinderella, the female phoenix who literally rises from the cinders or ashes. In this particular dream Prince Charming is not a person but an abstract ideal.