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Oriental Masks

Oriental Masks
Photo by Jefferson Solayao, 2016

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Your Messenger message:

"Hi pai. Good.motning. i had a dream about you. And would relay it before i forget it. "There was a book of shadow that is supposedly the Book of Dhadow of all Book of Shadow. "We were in a gathering of sort. And your wraring a ring that can control.the showerd it to me and did a oresentatoon of its power. The clouds moved. We were on top of a high mountain reminiscent of tibet or nepal. "There was a magickal call. The Book of Shadow is burning. And supposedly it should not be burned. For it means catastrophe for earth. "You are one of its guardians. And you should save it. "You need to counter the black spell and repair the Book of Shadow with the help of a group of people. I thknk cLled the supporters (cNt remember). "You summoned them. And i joined you in going to where rhe Book of Shadow by holding on to your wand and we travelled by magickally whirling around like a tornado. "Then i woke up. Fell asleep. And dreamed of a magickal foght on going."

My reply:

Hello _____!

You were in my night class. (Timing need not be accurate because temporal time for the living is not the same as astral time, or eternal time.)

We are called upon to study the I Ching in greater depth. It will prevent people from disaster, literal and metaphorical. This book, which appears as a Book of Shadows in your dream, was handed down to us by higher intelligence thousands of years ago.