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Oriental Masks

Oriental Masks
Photo by Jefferson Solayao, 2016

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Your e-mail message:

"Good Morning.

"I have this dream last night. eto po yung details na naaalala ko:

"i went out in a classroom and ended up in a forest like place. i am carrying a blanket around my neck. i noticed my supposed teacher surveying the river. then i decided to return to the classroom but it was raining so i decided to wait in that forest like place. i took shelter in canopy made of rock. there was a huge rock protruding from the ceiling where water is trickling. i catched the falling water with my hands then i took notice of what was in front of me. It was a small falls instead of a river. the falls were made of pile of round stones and in the spaces of stones was where the water falls. after sometime i thought to use the blanket as cover from rain to leave the forest. i ended up in a steep stone walkway. i managed to reach the top in the 2nd but before i reached the top, while struggling to climb the steep walkway, a woman asked me why i chose that way when just beside it is a stone steps which is much easier to climb (the woman was using that stone steps). i can't remember my response or if i responded. anyways on the top i was hugging the polished top stone in front of me was a button that will open the door. i pushed it, the door opened but the opening is very small and with unusual shape since i needed to stick out my elbows while hugging the stone (i was in a sitting position). i managed to enter the door and ended up in a comfort room where a guy just finished using the bowl (i remember seeing this guy in the forest earlier in my dream). i decided to poop. weird was i throw my underwear in the bowl then decided to poop while continously flushing the bowl. i heard the guy talking to his father to not enter the cr. but the father opened the door. then i noticed that i was in a room of someone since i saw a double deck on my left side. a girl entered the room. she didn't bother seeing me sitting in a toilet bowl. then the father (turned out to be my former manager) saw me and made the usual jokes. he was holding a pillow and scissors. he cut a small portion of the pillow case and jokingly offered it as tissue. i continously was flushing the toilet bowl but my underwear was not flushing out. the when i looked again to see if my undies is flushed out i saw a guy instead in the toilet bowl fighting not to be flushed out. my dream ended with me also being flushed out and found myself in a dungeon with the guy i am flushing out. 

"thanks in advance"

My reply:

Hello ______!

This dream tells me that you may have married or given commitment to a woman you do not really love. You probably went into this relationship because you and/or the woman (and maybe your father as well) desire to change your lifestyle, your habits, and your orientation.

The decision, of course, is yours.

There are those who believe that people can change. There are those who believe that people do not change.

Just ask yourself: What really makes you happy? What makes you a complete person? What makes you feel confident, successful, and fulfilled?

Never live a life that others choose for you. Follow your own heart, not the hearts of your religious leaders. Even if it eventually leads you to sadness, you will have the least regrets for having done so.