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Oriental Masks

Oriental Masks
Photo by Jefferson Solayao, 2016

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Your Messenger message:

"Hi Sir, just woke and I had a dream still fresh in my mind. I was running with a few of my officemates in a parking lot and we were like being chased by people who were acting like zombies. They werent really looking like zombies in their appearance. My current officemate A. was chasing me, she was a zombie. And I managed to escape her by pushing her to a fire exit stair case. After which I jumped down to thw 26th floor, and hid on the cars. 26th floor was still a parking space. As I was hiding I noticed two men, and when then saw me I shot them with my hand by gesturing a gun, and I said bang. Then one of the guys shot me. However it was weird because there were no gunshot wounds. He also shot my officemate who was inside a red mirage glx car, and it appeared that he was mortally wounded. I rolled under the car pretending to be dead and the guys left. I rushed to the car since I knew my officemate G. was shot. I started the car and it was a manual transmission. It is weird since I was able to drive it even though I do not drive manual cars. It also appeared that L. was there which is one of our officemates. I drove and we arrived at a parking space once again. G. was suddenly okay. No wounds. Suddenly there was a car parked in front of us and we cannot leave the parking. I went around in leather boots which became wet inside due to wet ground. As i returned i noticed that the car in front of us already left. I noticed a car which was a white mirage g4 which was trying to park and scratched it by trying to do so. G. was trying to leave the parking slot, and when he saw me he was trying to the car. I told thim to brake and put the car in neutral. He was able to do so and it appeared to be an automatic transmission now. And I woke. Good day sir."

My reply:

Hello ____!

Whenever you dream of being in a building and going to a particular floor, that floor represents an age in your life. Think back to the time you were 26 years old--a situation occurred then that is potentially repeating itself at the present time. Your impulses are to project your predicament to your co-workers, and the tendency is to flee or escape.

What is happening in your life right now that corresponds to this situation? What solutions did you apply in the past to such a situation--or did you do anything at all about it?

Personally history repeats itself, and you are being called upon by your psyche to take appropriate and effective action rather than ride away.